We create research-based insights and turn them into meaningful opportunities to provide clarity and direction

What Makes us different

We create insight
from anywhere

We leverage existing knowledge
We re-sight existing research and unlock knowledge within your organisation through stakeholder consultation.

We analyse and interpret ‘big data’
We analyse commercial and operational data and link behavioural data to attitudinal research.

We conduct primary research
We have full-service research capabilities and we create bespoke and tailored approaches for both UK and international clients, using the latest qualitative and quantitative techniques.

What Makes us different

We turn insight into meaningful opportunities

We provide commercial context
We identify underlying market mechanics to provide clear direction on where to go next.

We produce tools that live on in your business
We create frameworks, maps and solutions that produce clarity from complexity.

What Makes us different

We are specialists
with a proven track record

We like to get our hands dirty
We do both qualitative and quantitative – we are hands-on, whether moderating, immersing, re-sighting or data crunching.

We’re experienced business people and marketers
We are leaders with a variety of experience including working in a range of management positions.

We offer tangible benefits 
We create holistic insights from all available data sources and highlight commercial opportunities to inspire change amongst your stakeholders.